Monday, August 25, 2008

Ready, Set, Smile.. time for Trade Show pictures

Bring your camera! There's a whole list of things to remember to bring but don't forget your camera. After all the work that goes into creating an exhibit, time spent at the show and the traveling involved, a picture to remember it all by will be helpful in the future.

A camera at your next trade show is a great way to show off the exhibit and the atmosphere at the show to colleagues who could not be there, give yourself a reference point for next year, and to use in advertising as well. Remember to take pictures of things you want to change, so you can remember what not to do next year.

Try this... if you want to use your photos for professional print publications, or if you want to blow them up to make graphics, make sure your camera takes high-resolution pictures.

Tip: Pictures taken with regular 35-mm film or digital pictures taken in the TIFF format with at least a 300-dots-per-inch resolution are your best bets. Digital cameras with at least 3 Megapixels usually offer this option. Cameras that only take pictures in low-res JPEG formats are fine for your Web site, but are not good enough quality for print publications.

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