Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Common reasons for exhibiting at a trade show by Affordable Exhibit Displays

Reasons for Exhibiting
Common reasons for exhibiting at trade shows include:

1. Gathering sales leads.
2. Generating  actual sales at the show.
3. Reaching a specific audience with your product or service.
4. Promoting your image and enhancing your visibility.
5. Establishing a presence in the marketplace.
6. Improving the efficiency of your trade show marketing plan.
7. Personally meeting your clients, competitors and suppliers/vendors.
8. Prospecting new clients.
9. Unveiling new products or services.
10. Educating your target audience.

One more thing to remember… trade shows are a great venue for generating PR for your company. Usually, the editors and journalists who cover your industry will attend all the industry trade shows. If you exhibit and capture their attention, you may find your company and its products featured in their publications. That will generate additional sales leads. Just keep your eyes open for the trade show badges that say "PRESS" and when they come by, be sure to IMPRESS them.

Lastly, don't forget to keep your trade show display image fresh each time you attend.  It's important to be one step ahead on the competition who may just be your exhibiting neighbor.  Check out our portable exhibit products today!