Wednesday, September 2, 2015

4 Tactics to Engage Attendees to Actively Participate

How can you engage your trade show attendees better, more powerfully so that they stop in their tracks to find out just what you have to offer?  This is one of the best questions asked by all exhibitors.  You'll discover the tactics of why doing trade show is important and to help you get out of the not being seen rut.  Read then ask yourself what you could be doing better at your next trade show to make it more inviting.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Glossary of Trade Show Terms

Trade Show Terms and Their Meanings

For anyone who attends trade show locally or across the globe you know that the terms listed in your Exhibitor Packet can be extremely confusing especially if you are a new trade show goer.  You can start here and educate yourself with learning what words like A/V, drayage, I&D and W&B all mean.  These are all an important part to the process leading up to, during and even after the show.  

Read now what all trade show terms mean and download our FREE Glossary of Trade Show Terms now.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Take the Trade Show Plunge at Your Next Event

Scanning the Trade Show crowd sometimes can be surprising at how many business people stopped their busy day to attend the show. All coming from local and from far away places but are commonly there for the same reason.

Yet year after year you attend that same marketing event and now it may seem tedious and repetitive. So what’s the point in all this effort?  Well, that is actually the point of a Trade Show.  It may be seem repetitive but it doesn't have to be.   You just need to put take the trade show plunge!  Because if nothing else, a Trade Show is no better a place to form new relationships while maintaining and reinforcing the existing relationships.

Take the trade show plunge. Because the point is: reinforcement of strength in both presence and relationships.  After reading this helpful blog post then check in on your trade show booth before the show to see if what you've been using fits into your new focused 'BAM' strategy.  If not then check where to find a new trade show display to make you POP at your next trade show event.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

4 Most Important Tips for Choosing the Right Trade Show Display

If you’ve ever attended a trade show, been on an exhibition floor or passed through any outdoor fairs lately you surely would have seen how tall banner stands have taken over the show floor spaces.  Indoor and outdoor banner stands are the go-to product of trade show advertising.  Each banner and its stand can easily show off your products and services. 

The benefits of using retractable banner stands are well understood – they are portable, convenient and colorful – but which one is right for you?  These four tips will help you in choosing the right retractable banner stand to suit your needs not only for an upcoming show but also for the future.

There are many other display options and depending upon your show schedule you might need something bigger and bolder than a banner stand.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Upcoming Trade Show Spotlight - BOMA International

Upcoming Trade Show Spotlight - BOMA International

June 28-30, 2015 
Los Angeles Convention Center | Los Angeles, CA

Read more about the BOMA International at

What’s attending a trade show without having display booth behind to back you up visually show off your company! Consider the products offered by to spruce up your booth space. There’s still time!

The Los Angeles Convention Center is located in the heart of southwest downtown Los Angeles. The LACC hosts annual events such as the Greater Los Angeles Auto Show happening on November 20-29, 2015 and Anime Expo happening on July 2-5, 2015, plus the Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3 is just around the corner on June 16-18, 2015.

You can take the time to Explore Los Angeles during your free time and after the expo is done. Check out this list of Top Ten Things You Must Do in Los Angeles to find out more.

Image Courtesy of the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Upcoming Trade Show Spotlight - MedTechWorld MD & M East

June 9-11, 2015 

Jacob K. Javits Convention Center | New York, NY

Serving the East Coast's Medtech Community for Over 32 Years.  It's time all medical industry businesses check out this conference. Find out more.

What’s attending a trade show without having display booth behind to back you up visually show off your company! Consider the products offered by to spruce up your booth space. There’s still time!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Build Your Own Trade Show Booth Space with this Display


You'll blow the competition away with the custom booth built just for your company. Our customized Custom Build Displays are the latest and greatest when it comes to Trade Show Displays. It's now here and available right here at

You have the unique ability to build your very own custom display with many different standard components. Our custom build display system allows you to be creative by mixing and matching standard components to create your very own custom booth space.

Ask us about creating a completely new booth space that no one has ever seen before in any tradeshow booth size of 10ft, 20ft, 30ft or larger. But, before you get into actually choosing your booth set up you'll need to know which type of booth space you are signing up for at each show you attend.

--- Inline trade show booth space
are generally arranged in a straight line and have neighboring exhibitors on their left and right hand sides. This leaves only the front side of your display booth exposed to the aisle.

--- Island booth space
is any booth space that is exposed on all 4 sides. A typical island booth exhibiting space is often 20ft x 20ft, 20ft x 30ft but it may be up to 20ft x 40ft or larger. This type of tradeshow booth space is unique in that the 4 exposed sides are wide open for attendees to enter an exit.

This type of booth space must be designed so that the flow of people moves throughout the floor space smoothly. The island conference booth space is often seen with private conference rooms to meet with clients. Also, generally speaking hanging signage over island booth spaces is allowed.

--- Peninsula exhibiting booth space

is typically 20ft x 20ft or larger. It is exposed to the aisles on 3 of the 4 sides, and may be comprised of a minimum of four booths. There are two types of Peninsula Booths: (a) one which backs to In-Line Booths, and (b) one which backs to another Peninsula Booth and is referred to as a "Split Island Booth.” Generally speaking hanging signage is allowed with peninsula style booth spaces.

The different types of exhibits are determined by the show you are attending. Each show and even venue location has it's own set of height restrictions and booth space guidelines that you must follow.

You should look into these with the show management company prior to getting your heart set on a particular booth space layout. Some shows may require top rigging if your display height is over 8ft or taller. If you choose to have side walls on your booth design then you may be restricted to only 5ft wide and 4ft tall.

The Tension Fabric offers a more contemporary look that can be achieved with fabric graphics. Wait!! I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Tension Fabric Displays are completely custom made and your only limit to the design is your own imagination. If you can think it we can build it!

We are talking Archways, Hanging Structure, 3D Effects, Custom Room Design , Monitor Integration, Free Standing Towers and on and on and on. The outcome of the design is limitless. We've got trade show booth designs you've never seen before and that's because each customer and each order is handled on an individual custom basis. 

That means you'll be ONE OF A KIND.

Plus best of all, our Custom Build Trade Show Displays are all USA made from start to finish! And comes with a Lifetime hardware warranty. This custom series is lightweight, durable for any amount of shows you'll be attending during the trade show season and portable. With it's interior aluminum tubular structures and high quality full color fabric tension pillowcase graphics your booth space will be the talk of the show.

All tension fabric display orders come complete with step-by-step installation instructions making set up less stressful and more like fun! Sometimes it takes a unique looking booth space to really make you stand out.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Learn more about table top displays for any budget

Transform your presentation table with one of our full color, user friendly, and portable table top displays. These table top displays can instantly feature your company logo, company services, or special message at any trade show venue. And with the wide range of styles and sizes of our portable table top banner stands, pop up displays, tensions fabric displays and folding panel displays it allows us to cater to any budget and personal taste.

Panel Table Top Display Still the most popular! Manufactured in the USA the Promoter Series table top display and the AcademyPRO Series table top display. Our USA made portable panel displays are available in a 2-panel, 3-panel, 4-panel and 5-panel display option. The customized graphics are attached to the display using a Velcro receptive fabric which allows for unlimited changing of your printed graphics or photos. Each fabric panel is constructed with internal fiber board and black PVC protective trim for extra strength and durability. You also have the option to choose from one of our 8 premium fabric colors: Lava Black, Steel Grey, Charcoal Grey, Kelly Green, Electric Red, Monarch Blue, Indigo or Merlot. Our table top displays are perfect for any presenter with the busiest of schedules. Also, great for college fairs, job fairs, small business or trade show.

Table Top Banner Stands: The perfect choice for smaller show events and smaller budgets. Starting at $79 our table top banner stands come in a large variety of sizes and styles. Save extra space on your exhibit table and allow more space for brochures, products, etc. Our table top banner stands are super portable and can be set up and taken down with only one person in just a few minutes. The best feature of these customized table top displays is being able to update or change out the graphic banner when needed. Get noticed and leave a lasting impression with your full color graphic table top banner. 

Pop Up Table Top Display: Here at we manufacture the 1UP Pop Up display series. You can find this USA made pop up display model on our site only. We ship our 1UP pop up displays worldwide and they make a big impact! Available in a 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft our curved 1Up PopUp Table Top Display booth is a great option if you want to get the largest table top display available for your exhibit table. This full color graphic display is perfect for any marketing convention, fair or trade show. This exhibit booth display pops up almost effortlessly in just minutes and includes magnetically attached full graphic panels and end caps and durable and lightweight aluminum frame. Your customized booth display will be sure to catch the eye of passer-byes at your next marketing convention or trade show.

Tension Fabric Table Top Display: When it comes to traveling around and doing one trade show after another, its nice to have something that sets up and breaks down quickly. With lightweight aluminum framing and custom graphic stretch fabric, our tension fabric table top displays make presenting a breeze and will be sure to grab the attention of potential and existing clients. From more traditional designs like our pop up and pillow-case style to the latest in trade show displays like our XSalesmate Geometric fabric tension displays, Tension Fabric V-burst Table Top Display or Waveline fabric tension display series. All are sure to get the attention your business deserves at your next marketing event.