Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trade Show Planning in Advance, where to start?

This is the biggest part of attending Trade Shows and possibly the most overlooked - Planning in Advance. Who isn't a procrastinater now and again but planning ahead for a trade show is what will make or break it.

Sounds simple but it can be if you do your homework. If you've never attended a show before and want to start it will make a difference if you research the shows that will be worthwhile for you to attend.

With numerous trade shows every year in the United States, there should never be a loss of places to exhibit.

Researching potential shows to find out where your company or product best fits is a must-do. This leads to alot of unanswered questions like should you go to industry specific shows or B2B shows or where can you find trade shows period?

Here are a few places to start your research:
- Ask your local and area Chamber of Commerce leaders
- Contact any Associations or Organizations you belong to
- Ask friends or collegues in the same business as you and get their advice

Here are two online resources:

Good luck in your search for potential trade shows to attend!

Your trade show image made easy

Get ready to make the impact that will blow your competition out of the water! You've already researched the Trade Show Display that best suits your needs for not only today but into the future as well.

You thought that was the hard part. WRONG! That was the easy part. The hard part is your graphics. So, here are two quick pointers on what you can do to increase attention to your graphics.

According to a study by the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, there are two simple elements that can enhance graphic effectiveness.

1. Adding a border to focus attention on your sign helps the viewer read it 26% faster. That's a big advantage in a fast-paced marketplace.

2. By presenting special information in a second color, you increase the reader's retention by 78%. So whatever is most important on your sign, whether it's a phone number or a key word, try using an accent color to draw better response.