Tuesday, August 5, 2014

4 Tips to Planning your next outdoor event

Outdoor Displays
Outdoor Event planning can be as much about preparing for the unanticipated weather as it is about planning the actual event.

You can't control the weather on event day (even if you wanted to) and you can't ask mother nature to not spring an unexpected thundershower, tornado, or heat wave on you. But what you can do is be prepared with the right outdoor promotional gear than you are in even better shape to start the day and have a smile on your face.

To keep you on track here are just a few tips to help things go smoothly whether it's your first or hundredth outdoor event:

1. Check weather records. If you can't postpone the event due to an unsightly day of weather at least you can be prepared. Our custom printed logo event tents will do just the trick on those sweltering sunny summer days and rainy day or evening events. Our portable event tents come in 10ft x 10ft, 10ft x 15ft, and 10ft x 20ft sizes. Or have a beach event then check out the newly added Branded Umbrella, perfect for beach events or outdoor restaurant and bar decks.

2. If the site is local and it's a first time event spot for you then take a moment to think about visiting the site beforehand. Watch it over the course of a day/night and figure out how the sun moves, in accordance with existing shade-ability, so you can plan for sun exposure, shade structures, and lighting after dark. Then you can gauge how your booth area should be set up to maximize your outdoor advertising dollars.

3. Think about the little extras to help your event staff. Like a branded water cooler (ask us - we got those too!!) , a first-aid booth, mosquito zappers, sunscreen samples – think some little things that will keep your attendees and event staff s comfortable and happy as possible.

4. Think about the venue area from all points - as a passerby attendee and from the attendee just walking in. Can they see where you are right off the bat? That's why you shouldn't forget to make sure all can see where your event space is located with the branded outdoor sail flag. We offer many shapes and sizes for you to choose from. Ask about our Empire single pole event banner. It's just under 19ft tall and commands attention from any point!