Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Stop wondering what your Exhibitor's Handbook is trying to tell you!

Ever wonder what terms like drayage, dim weight, raceway or net square footage means in your show exhibitor booklet?? Take the guessing out with the Glossary of Trade show Terms.

Scan through these A-to-Z alphabetized definitions the next time you need to decipher your exhibitor booklet.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Exhibiting at the same trade show year after year...good or bad?

You're standing in your booth space, scanning the trade show crowd and you feel somewhat surprised at how many people stopped their everyday business to attend the show.  Coming from local and faraway places and yet all are there for the same reason.  But does exhibiting at that same trade show year after year with so many familiar faces seem tedious and repetitive? Do you feel your efforts are worth it in the end? 

Well, repetitive exposure even if to the same people, is an important piece for any successful Trade Show!  But what if you don’t have the ‘WOW’ in your Trade Show display you wish you had, what if you don’t have that ‘something new’?  What’s the point then?  The point: if nothing else, a Trade Show is no better a place to form new relationships while maintaining and reinforcing the existing relationships.

Here are FIVE strategies to keep your business looking fresh and new at the same shows because the point is: repetitive exposure is reinforcement of strength in both presence and relationships.

Tip 1: Focus on Features.
Does every user of your product or service know it completely from the in to the out? Doubt it! Try taking your most overlooked features and push them. Get them recognized as a 'new' benefit.

Tip 2: Focus on the Future.
Is something new and exciting coming but not quite there? Are you starting to focus on eco-friendly processing but it's not quite ready to unveil how. Start the buzz talk now, ahead of time, to get your new and old prospects talking and especially wanting that new service or item. Jump start it now.

Tip 3: Focus on the Product.
Use the Proctor & Gamble strategy to make something old something 'New and Improved'. Here and there you may notice they use that on their laundry detergent, shampoo brands, etc. If you have changed your product and it is New and Improved well say it. No need to reinvent the wheel when you can just enhance what you already have.

Tip 4: Focus on the People.
Take your best faces and best workers and put them out there. The ones who make your products, the ones who make your services run smoothly. Put a face on the action behind the scene.

Tip 5: Focus on Service.
Have great customer service and keep on proving it. Highlight your best services that make your customer's happy to work with you again and again. 

So, even if you think you don't have something new to say or exhibit, step back and really think about it. The point is: you can find something new by looking what you already have in a different light.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Learn 3 ways to choose the right trade show

-- Plus search through 3,872 shows happening in 2014 --

Begin 2014 off on the right foot!  Find a new way to reach out to potential clients by attending face-to-face trade shows.  To start, there are three different types of trade shows.  Always keeping in mind the time, money and overall investment that goes into a trade show. Deciding which show is the right fit for your company is crucial.

First, we have Retail Trade Shows. Retail trade shows mainly focus on selling their products and closing the deal right at their booth space. Attendees can range from department stores to convenient stores, house wares, bookstores, electronics and toys. Attendees will be displaying lots of quality choices at every price point allowing people to discover new product categories, new suppliers and new and different ways to profit.

Next up are Business-to-Business shows - also referred to as B2B shows for short. These are mainly to get your name out there, creating new business relationships that merge after the show. Displaying your companies professionalism, positive attitude and overall knowledge of your products and business. These are a great way to start the word of mouth and gain new social networking partners. A colossal 84% of consumers believe recommendations from friends, family and colleagues are the most reputable source.

Lastly we have Event Marketing Shows. If you are aiming towards delivering a message or creating brand awareness, this is the show for you. Social media may be great but here face to face is key. To achieve your competitive advantage you must be sure your message and brand are clear. Avoiding to much text in a display and having the most professional image will definitely catch potential partners eyes.

Different types of shows can work for everyone, as long as you adjust
your booth to each individual show. 

So, which show is best for your company? 
Start your search now!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Customer Feedback!

Feedback from our customers is always welcomed! Here's what a recent customer has to say:

“I just wanted to let you know that we received our 33" display banner and table top display yesterday in good order. The banner is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Many thanks to you and the crew at Affordable Displays.”  -- Service Dogs of Virginia