Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't Toss That Old Booth in the Landfill!

We all know, change is inevitable. Logos change, marketing directions change, products change — and sometimes you just need to upgrade your trade show booth. So, how do companies decide what to do with their old booth when it's time to upgrade but still want to stick to their eco-friendly principles?

The earth friendly principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle also apply to trade show booths just as much as they do elsewhere. We'll also add another term to the list: Refurbish.
Reduce — Reducing your trade show booth's impact on the environment can be accomplished by investing in better-quality, longer-lasting and lighter booth materials that don't have to be replaced as often and don't cost as much to ship. Some environmentally friendly materials are available for pop-up displays, fabric panel displays and eco-friendly printing media for banner stands. And when you choose these materials, you'll reduce your overall trade show booth impact on mother nature.

Reuse — When you design your trade show booth, consider ways to make it reusable. For example, if you can use the same graphic to represent more than one product or use it to attend more than one trade show, you've extended the life and usability of that booth without incurring additional expense.
Recycle — Of course, there will be times when you really have to start from scratch, and this gives you the opportunity to get creative. Consider donating the booth to a nonprofit, a school, church or company that may not otherwise have the funds to afford such an item.
Refurbish — There are times when the expense of a new trade show booth are not necessary when all that's needed is a well planned out remodeling effort. If your booth is looking a little, shall we say, used and abused, Affordable Exhibit Displays can update your graphics, resurface fabric panels and add new elements of your booth that give it a renewed, fresh look for your upcoming trade show season.

Remember, keeping your booth in tip top shape doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the environment. Plus, following practices that help the environment may also save money for your company in both the short run and over the long term.