Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tips on Trade Show Speaking

With public speaking, it doesn’t matter who your audience is. What matters is how you properly present yourself. The same goes for being at a trade show. Being at a trade show and representing your company is a form of public speaking - the attendees are your audience.

Whomever you approach or approaches you will know right away how prepared you actually are. You must be ready at all time by knowing your product or service inside and out, by being upbeat, by focusing on the audience whether it’s one person or a group and practicing before show time.

So, here are FOUR tips to help prepare you before the next big show.

Tip 1: Knowing your product or service. Obviously, knowledge is a winner in sales. And as a consumer, nothing is worse than ending up with a salesperson that knows nothing about what they’re selling – no matter what it is. So, if you don’t feel confident you’d better start learning all there is to know now.

Tip 2: Arrive upbeat and stay that way. If your morning began on a bad note, leave it at the door. You owe each and every person at the trade show the same enthusiastic presentation from the first to the last.

Tip 3: Focus on the audience whether it’s one person or a group. Keep your eyes planted where they should. No looking over their shoulder or at your feet. It’s important to keep the attention on them and make them important.

Tip 4: Practice. From an early age we are taught that practice makes perfect. And as an adult nothing has changed. Practice even the simple things like saying who you are and what your company does. Practice until it sounds effortless. Also, practice keeping the pace of your words moderate, try not to rush through.

Attitude and confidence are also key factors in confident trade show speaking.

Tip 1: Try this the night before, positive visualization. Whether you believe this works or not, try it. Imagine yourself on the show floor being confronted by a new prospect. Imagine how you want to handle yourself.

Tip 2: Be in control. Act confident, be ready, hold your head up high, stand up straight and lastly but most important… smile. Avoid keeping your hands in your pockets, rocking side to side, twirling your hair or touching your face. These are all signs of self doubt.

Tip 3: Accept nervousness, we’re all human. Everyone gets nervous but the difference is all in how you handle it. Turn your jitters into positive energy that radiates off of you.

Tip 4: Lastly, it’s not the end of the world if you have a bad day. There’s always the next show to make up for where you lacked today. It’s called learning - embrace it.