Monday, July 28, 2008

What does Affordable Exhibit Displays, Inc. do?

If you are searching for portable trade show products such as, pop up displays, table top display board, banner stands, brochure holder, portable furniture or digital printing you've come to the right place. Here, at Affordable Exhibit Displays, you'll find many display options and printing services from which to choose.

But first, we're celebrating 14 years of business dedicated the trade show industry! Affordable Exhibit Displays welcomes you to shop our trade show displays and exhibit products. We give you an all access pass to view detailed photos and pricing on our user-friendly website. Where Exhibit Displays and Graphics ... It's all we do!

We know that the trade show, convention, exhibition, or other promotional event you may be attending might not always be local. That is why we have based our product line on portable, lightweight and easy to set up display products.

On our website, Affordable Exhibit Displays , you'll find some traditional tradeshow display styles such as flat panel displays in both tabletop and freestanding, along with modern styles such as pop up trade show displays also in table top and freestanding.

Attract business at your next convention or event by adding custom printed trade show display graphics to any one of our exhibit booth options. With our in-house digital printing capabilities, you have come to the right place to purchase your complete exhibit booth.

Always portable and dependable are the display banner stands - use alone or along with your existing trade show booth display. A very popular banner stand option is the Retractable banner stand, also known as roll up banner stand, pull up banner stand and telescoping banner stand. They effectively and conveniently hold your marketing messages allowing you to give the effective visual impact you need. Your banner design will catch the eye of potential clients and competitors. Of course, we offer much more, such as single sided banner stands and double sided banner stands packages available with banner and stand included.

And, there's more, all digital printing is done here at Affordable Exhibit Displays. We pride ourselves on continually providing the quality work you have become accustomed to.

Stand tall with freestanding display towers. With the multiple sides of a tower you ensure maximum exposure of your advertising materials and the Velcro receptive fabric allows for your exhibit trade show booth display to be updated as frequently as needed.Don’t miss out on the chance to own a Mark Bric BannerUp banner stand or MultiMaster banner stand. Backed by their 10 year warranty you can’t go wrong. Change your banner easily with the patented banner change system, enabling you to replace graphics in no time. Need height? The MultiMaster banner stand is able to reach an incredible 10' tall.

Our product line includes the accessories that help you take charge! Products like portable counters and podiums, aluminum director chairs, portable folding tables and table throws.In a nutshell, the whole secret to our success at Affordable Exhibit Displays is we believe value comes from high quality products, great selection, and of course competitive pricing. We appreciate your visit, and look forward to serving you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Designing your Trade Show Booth - How to Stand out in the Crowd

Typical trade shows are loud, crowded and filled with colorful distractions. How do YOU stand out? Just like good advertising, effective trade show display graphics can make or break your show image and impact upon the passers by.

3-D marketing comes to LIFE! This is an advertisers dream: interactive, touch, feel, use and see all right out there for you to use. And for a sales person, there is nothing better!
You may have tried these medias to get your name out there:
> Newspaper ads: small with little creativity allowed along with a broad audience that can flip the page in seconds
> Brochures: very specific and full of color but may get lost In the paperwork shuffle
> Billboards: large and eye catching with a broad audience traveling by in seconds
>>> A trade show display is unlike any other media allowing you to provide large images full of color and pizzazz AND all in front of your target audience with you standing right there to catch the sales. At a trade show you have 3 SECONDS… that’s it. That is all the time you have to spark the passers by and inspire them to ask questions that convert into sales.

BUT HOW? YOUR MAIN GOAL: APPEAL TO YOUR CUSTOMERS’ NEEDS AND WANTS. A message that is short and to the point is the best angle to take. Here are some tips that may ignite the creative side in you allowing your company to display its best image.

1. Photos or illustrations? Photos are always preferred over illustrations. Photos are more credible, easily understood and have a bigger impact with the consumer. Take your own photos or for more generic photos use high quality stock photography. Good websites we have found are or

2. Colors and tones:
> Limit the main colors to less than three
> Complimentary colors = red + green, orange + blue, yellow + purple
> Monochromatic colors = several shades of the same color are harmonious and stable
> Cool colors like blue, green and white are professional yet they may not be attention grabbers
> Warm colors like yellow, orange and red attract more attention but use them wisely since overuse can cause an overload and defeat the purpose

3. Words, words, words… how many words should be used? Try and keep it under 10 words or less and no more than 5 lines. You don't need to list all your product information on your display; that might lead to information overload - save the details for your handouts. Lead with your strongest benefit first then the next relevant benefits to follow – if you have a 30 year warranty and no one else does, then shout it out! Most importantly, keep to your branding guidelines and keep all text within the top half of the display design.
Some simple tips to follow:
> A single sentence, phrase, or word
> Use concrete facts that are a benefit – what makes you different
> Your tag line or one sentence that says it all
> Bullet lists are always a great way to show benefits

4. Utilize power words (power phrases or action verbs) - these are words used to help make a statement stronger and will effectively state your products benefits.
Use power words such as:
> Exclusive or Ranked
> New or Uncovered
> Sold or Established
> Or in a phrase such as:
> Power, Performance and Speed
> Guaranteed on time, every time
> Save time. Save Money.

5. List your Website as the contact instead of your street address, phone or fax numbers which most likely won’t be remembered. Display your website by making the name a different color than the “www” and “.com”. Or if multiple words make up your website, try displaying it like this: Capitalizing the first letter of each word will make it easier to read.

6. Here are some don’ts to keep in mind:
> Don’t use highly technical vocabulary unless you are certain the reader will understand
> Don’t use font types that can not be seen from a distance
> Don’t use long paragraphs
> Don’t use low quality photos (such as from the web), they will only take away from your design

Final note: clearly communicating your company information in as few words as possible will benefit you in the end. Showing large, high quality photo(s) & colors will promote your products and make it easier for people to remember you.

Lastly, add lighting to help brighten up your booth space to draw the focus to your display design. This will create a warm inviting atmosphere that will attract your prospects to you.

Don’t get caught in the embarrassment trap at your next show, start planning ahead! Take your display out now and check to see if your display and design covers all the bases mentioned above. If it doesn’t then you’ve got some work to do.

Now is the time to create the positive buzz at your next show, whether your display is new or old.

Pin Point YOUR Trade Show Display Style

Generating leads and making sales are your priorities and your trade show booth - both the physical space and the display – can help you do this. When you are displaying a trade show booth, you want to project just the right image for your company; one that makes potential clients want to learn more after their first glance.

So let’s walk through some of the most popular options to choose from in the wide variety of displays out there today. We are sure one of these will suit your specific show needs.

BANNER STANDS ... Tempt your potential prospects with a versatile banner stand. These are a hit in the trade show industry! These lightweight portable displays are designed with your transporting needs in mind and most come with an easy to carry bag. Add your eye catching banner design and potential clients and competitors will notice your company.

The two main types of banner stands are:
Retractable banner stands: Similar to a household window shade, pull the banner up from base and hook to top of the center pole- Banner retracts down into base- Generally comes with carry bag- Set up time is seconds- Weighing about 18 lbs. - Great for the quick, one person shows

Non-retractable banner stands: Simple design includes weighted base and center pole with rollable banner material.- Roll your custom banner up manually for storage- Generally comes with carry bag- Set up in a few minutes. - Weighing about 15 lbs. - also work for the one person shows-some models even connect together withmagnetic to form a large graphic wall.

Banner stands come in a wide variety of sizes. Widths and heights vary per stand model. Typically, you will see a width of 24”-36” and a height from 72”-84”. A banner stand can be used alone on the floor, set on a table or in addition to your already existing display unit. Use during the one day show, in a church setting, business lobby, career fair, or during your next big presentation to impress the higher-ups. These simple stands have the ability to impress in any setting.

TABLE TOP DISPLAYS or FULL SIZE DISPLAYS ...Attract attention with a table top display and use it as a powerful resource to showcase what you have to offer. Table top displays are perfect when you're limited by space or budget. And how easy they are to use by a single person -- simply unpack, unfold and set on a table. Take advantage of the left over front space on the table by displaying handouts or small products, use a laptop for demonstrations or as a writing area. Being so portable and lightweight anyone can be on their way to fantastic trade showing with a table top display.

Control the flow to you and your presentation with a freestanding full size display. Utilizing the full size display is a great way grab attention. Free floor standing most are approximately 90” (7 ½’) tall and come in a wide variety of widths most commonly 6’ to 20’ wide. These booths are designed to be portable so they are easy to bring from one event to the next. Most are single person set up but some require two or more to help.

Table top and full size displays are available in these most common styles:
Panel display: with permanently connected panels or individual panels that connect together- Traditional style - May have double sided or single side panels- Usually covered with a VELCRO® receptive fabric- Easy graphic changing

Pop up display: modern style with a characteristic curve - Modern style - Generally comes with everything you need to get started- Usually has VELCRO® receptive fabric panels, aluminum frame and a wheeled compact shipping/storage case- Easy graphic changing- Optional wrap around graphics available- Generally come with a manufacturer's warranty on the frame components

Full size free standing floor displays have the ability to connect multiple units together to form larger versions for the nationals shows but can be used independently for the state-wide shows.

ACCESSORIES ...Accessorize and complete the function of your booth by adding these items:
- Tall folding director chair - rest your feet and sit at eye level
- Podiums or counters - interactive stations or use as a barrier
- Folding tables - travel without worry of table size
- Throw covers or Table runners - cover the table and show your image
- Literature stands - holds hand outs neatly in one spot
- Projector screens - PowerPoint presentation made easy

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why do Trade Shows?

Exhibiting at a trade show can offer you another avenue to get in front of a lot of customers and prospects in a relatively short period of time. With trade shows going on in convention halls all around the world, new contacts are made every day. Knowledge sharing is happening right now!

Education is what trade shows are all about. Whether attendees are catching up on the latest trends and techniques discussed at seminars, exhibitors informing buyers about their newest products/services or show-goers walking the aisles expecting to come out with more information than with which they arrived, knowledge was the main objective - getting it, expanding it, using it.

Attending a trade show - even during a down economy - can be the best vehicle to obtain that knowledge and receive ideas that can help you make educated decisions on how to help your company move forward. Move forward by learning something new like that special technique or process you've been putting off, move forward by introducing that new product you've worked so hard on, move forward by getting that edge you need.

Or if you feel your business is in slow mode, you may need to apply some creative thinking to your business – step out of the box and tap into your creative side. Attending a trade show can pump up your creativity locked inside and provide the momentum needed to take the action to move forward. Get that push you need from a trade show!

Here's another reason to consider: visibility is important. If you've consistently attended an industry show in the past and suddenly do not, your absence may send a negative message about your business to your employees, suppliers and worse - your competitors. Keep going even if you think its not profiting you - what you don't know is that it is.

The TRADE SHOW is an ideal vehicle to obtain the knowledge that you need to help you strategize, improve operations and make smart decisions to help you compete and win. You and your business should be apart of the action - starting right now!

PS: How about this tip: Remember that most shows also publish daily news bulletins -- both print and online -- use that to your advantage for recognition before, during and after the show.