Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trade Show Planning in Advance, where to start?

This is the biggest part of attending Trade Shows and possibly the most overlooked - Planning in Advance. Who isn't a procrastinater now and again but planning ahead for a trade show is what will make or break it.

Sounds simple but it can be if you do your homework. If you've never attended a show before and want to start it will make a difference if you research the shows that will be worthwhile for you to attend.

With numerous trade shows every year in the United States, there should never be a loss of places to exhibit.

Researching potential shows to find out where your company or product best fits is a must-do. This leads to alot of unanswered questions like should you go to industry specific shows or B2B shows or where can you find trade shows period?

Here are a few places to start your research:
- Ask your local and area Chamber of Commerce leaders
- Contact any Associations or Organizations you belong to
- Ask friends or collegues in the same business as you and get their advice

Here are two online resources:

Good luck in your search for potential trade shows to attend!

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