Monday, August 4, 2008

New Way to Capture and Keep Clients Around

Following up on Trade Show Leads

Lead gathering and building future relationships, both new and old, is what a Trade Show is all about. Your communication with new and old clients should be a positive one making them want to come back, but what should you do to make that happen?

When the show or meeting is all said and done, what is the next step? It should be to follow up, shouldn't it? How do you follow up and what method should you use? First things first: Timing. Always, follow up by the end of one week of the show date with any follow up avenue you take. Strike while the iron is hot!

Here are the traditional ways:
>> A personal phone call always makes a positive personal impact. This should be done the following business day – wait any longer and they may not remember. Keep good notes and refer to the conversation you had when you last spoke at the show.
>> Direct mail to send specific information – other than what you have already given to them. This must be sent within one week from the show date and try to include a hand written note to add the personal touch.

Here is a NEW way to show your potential prospects and returning customers that their relationship to you is important, before, during and after. Try a Pre-printed CUSTOM Post cards, Cards, or Tri-fold brochures from an online service. Use, they specialize in YOUR custom greetings. is an On-Line mailing service that allows you to send individual or bulk Custom printed Post cards, Cards, Tri-fold brochures and all for less than you think. You can connect with your clients anywhere at anytime! They print it, stuff it and mail it -- all for less than a greeting card at the store. An actual stamp placed on the front for that added personalization, just as though you did it yourself!

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