Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trade show branding vs. routine. Which side are you on?

Let's clear this up right away.  The repetition of doing the same thing, using the same display and graphics at every show you've ever been to is NOT branding.  It's boredom.  Effective branding is not just a logo or certain color scheme; it's not a product either.  A brand is a promise of a clear-cut benefit and value that is fitting to your users.

To effectively promote your brand to your users does not mean you need to keep with the same everything.  It can mean change too.  Take a large corporation for instance, for example, ExxonMobil.  They've been in business for over 125 years.  Check out ExxonMobil's history here.  They've changed their logo over the years as often as needed to keep up with the current market.  And it hasn't slowed the company's progression.

So, really it's okay to take your trade show routine in a different direction.  In fact, you really should Break the Routine all together today.

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