Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to let Constructive Criticism be a guide

Step 3 of June's STOP THE ROUTINE MONTH revealed: Constructive Criticism

A post ago we discussed Motivation. We gave you 7 quick tips to stay on track. Today we’ll discuss getting real with how your trade show booth works. It’s about accepting constructive criticism when you can’t see the clear message anymore.

The solution! A fresh set of eyes. To know where to begin with how your current booth is working you’ll need to ask and outer source – someone who is not related to your business or industry is best.

Give your ‘fresh set of eyes’ a good look at your exhibit booth and materials. Ask yourself these questions:

What do they notice first?

What impression do they get of your company?

What emotions do your graphics evoke?

Record their impressions and compare how they measure up to your marketing objectives. This fresh set of eyes will be viewing your booth the same way the attendees do - with no prior knowledge or preconceived notions of how the exhibit is 'supposed' to look.

:: Case Study ::
Custom Service Solutions, Inc.,
2320 Colby St., Brockport, NY 14420

Recently, we had one of our returning customers, Custom Service Solutions, came to us with an idea. They wanted a small self-standing sign to distribute to the machine vendors that will attending the same trade show as them.

They submitted their own artwork and asked our opinion. We asked, “What’s the main goal?”: to inform customers about a drawing for a free Firetrace System. Our comment back: there is no clear, single message, there may be too much going on. So, with a bit of discussion Custom Service Solutions decided to allow us to come up with a single targeted message.



Here’s our point: by opening up the door for constructive criticism Custom Service Solutions ended up with a clear, concise design that will draw customers in to ask “How can I qualify?” Thus, in turn opening the door to obtain a lead, close a sale, or boost their ROI for the show.

Many times we have looked at our own exhibits so many times that we don't 'see' them anymore. A fresh set of eyes may make all the difference in the world. Have someone who is in no way related to the trade show industry or your company look at your exhibit or marketing materials.

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