Monday, April 13, 2009

4 Tips to help you find new trade show success in 2009

Spring is one of those transitional times of year. Here, in New England, we are all ready to welcome the warm summer breeze, but it's still a bit too soon for that.

Spring is also the time of year that trade show goers are gearing up for the 2009 trade show season – that’s if it hasn’t started for you already.

Attending a trade show is a commitment from beginning to end. And preparing ahead saves time and money when it counts the most.

Here are some 4 TIPS to help get you on the right track.

TIP #1
For a small show start planning 3 months in advance, at the minimum. For the moderate size show start planning 6-8 months in advance and for the large national shows a year is preferred. With the smaller size shows but for the national shows, so much more money is spent just to be there. So planning ahead will make your show successful.

TIP #2
Most important, can't say it enough, if you don't get this right than just forget the whole thing. Number ONE most important piece to know and build your whole show presence on is... drum roll please... your TARGET AUDIENCE.

Who is at this show anyway? It's not about what you think of the service/product, it's what they think. Who is going to benefit from your services or product? The audience. What are their needs, what are their wants, what will they get out of your service/product?

Those are the questions you need to ask and figure out. Not just surface answers either, these answers must strike a cord with them and really hit home. It must be a deep benefit to them that makes you stand above your competitors. I must use that, oh, that service will make my life so much easier. What did I do without it?

Okay, so now you have the best advertising you could have come up with. How are you going to attract your target audience to your booth? What is going to invite them and engage them? Your GRAPHICS! Let’s face it, not all of us have been hit with the creative stick.

So that's when you hire, if you must, a professional. A trade show graphics professional. Someone with the experience in building the visual that gets those people to say, hey, who's that. If your graphics don’t speak to the target audience than you may as well go home. This visual must always be a positive one.

TIP #4
Set your GOALS high. Set them too low and fail at this challenge. It's like playing a championship game of football, being the quarterback and holding the ball in your hand while walking on the field and knowing... you're going to lose. Well, then the Law of Attraction says - lose you will. And who wants to do that! So, set those goals high. It's just like anything else, talk is cheap but effort makes you the MVP of your team. And that's where you need to be right now. You’re the teams Most Valuable Player!

This March, while the birds start flying home, the days get longer, and the smell of the air starts to change take the time to sit back and reevaluate why you want to go to trade shows and what extra business can come out of it.

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