Monday, April 13, 2009


Do … plan ahead properly including the amenities like lighting, internet access or carpeting
Do … insure your booth space is tidy and neat even right down to the smell
Do … always look ready - focus your attention on your customers or prospects during show time
Do … show your best self – wear your best suit and comfortable shoes, you’ll thank yourself later
Do … bring more than enough hand outs including business cards

Don’t … procrastinate or get caught off guard with un-anticipated issues such as no throw provided
Don’t … fuss with your booth during the show, save that for before the show starts
Don’t … eat or drink inside your booth space, it is unappealing and no one wants a spill
Don’t … talk excessively to other booth staffers, pay attention to why you are there
Don’t … talk on your cell phone, text or scroll through your Blackberry

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