Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When to stop looking and start buying a Trade show display

Remember as a kid how it was frustrating to get started on that report for school.  I remember when I was in the 5th grade.  I had to complete a report and a draw a poster about the extinct dinosaur Brontosaurus.  I had to research the facts like, for example, they are herbivores.  Their necks needed to be long to reach the tops of the trees kind of link the modern day giraffe.  I remember having a hard time ending the research and beginnning my report.   This brings me to today's topic: how to start researching a trade show display, when to stop researching and when to take the plunge and buy.

First step in research is knowing the questions to ask in narrowing down what style that suits you and your company best.  Here are 8 - that's right - 8 questions to ask yourself.

1. What are the long term goals?  Do you have multiple shows lined up or none at all?

2. How many people will need to attend each show?  This will help on what type of booth you choose.  One, two, three, etc. people to set up?

3. How many shows are out of your state - as in travel plans?  Will the booth need shipping cases?  If so, how many and will they be shipped ahead of time or need to be taken on a plane or in a car. 

4. Do you have a budget?  If so, what's the magic number.  If you've deligated the research part, make sure you inform that person of the budget they'll need to work within.  Don't save it for last.

5. What type of product or services are your promoting?  This is very important in choosing the right display.

6. If you have a product to display, how will you display it? Will you need shelving, podiums and so forth.

7. When the display is being stored can it instead be used at other events? Maybe have it set up in your entryway or meeting room. You don't just have to pack it away.

8. Lastly, will the booth you're eyeing fit in the space you are renting? 6', 8', 10' or more...

You're now 8 steps closer to narrowing down the right display for your specific needs.   Now you should be right on top of the display that's right for you - it's time to stop researching and purchase the booth and it's accessories.

Remember, time might be running out as the show date rapidly approaches on your calender.  It's time to purchase, it's now or never, it's go time, it's on, ready-set-go.  Your nervous and you have every right to be - especially if its your first time.  But, if you use the 8 points we've outlined above the best display will be easy to decide to buy.

Good Luck!

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