Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to A.T.T.R.A.C.T Visitors to your Booth


It's pretty true. If your booth is not attactive and inticing in some way then there's no reason to look or listen to what you have to say. We'll give you a few pointers on what you can do to spice up your next show.

A: ATOMPSHERE - Create an open atmosphere. If you booth does not have the 'open concept' feel you may be creating an unintentional barrier between you and your visitor. Move furniture including podiums to the sides and back. This will provide an 'open door' feel to all that pass by.

T: TOUCH OF SOFT- Ever thought of adding carpet to your booth. It not only will add an extra layer to cushion for your tired feet but it will also create an inviting feeling of home. Trade show carpet is available in a variety of colors, comes in interlocking squares and can match your booth colors and not the venue.

T: TRY A DRESS CODE - Ever wonder as you walk around who's a visitor and who's a booth staffer? Wearing ordinary office wear - even if it's your best - may not be the best option. Why? The first impression is YOUR a visitor too. Blending in with everyone else will not help attact visitors to your booth. Try having your booth staffers wear the same shirt, hat, vest, tie or jacket. This will help all visitors know where and who you belong to.

R: ROPE THEM IN WITH MOTION - When an object is moving, your eyes must follow - if you want to percive it clearly that is. So move something! If you don't have a product, TV, slide show or something that moves try something as simple as moving your arms, playing with a yo-yo or handing out a small giveaway.

A: ALL THE BEST - Staff your booth with the best employees you have to offer. Ones that know your product or service the best. Your booth staffers must be willing to approach visitors with a positive, upbeat attitude and keep a smile going all day long.

C: COLOR YOUR BOOTH - Drab neutral colors just won't do at a tradeshow. Your colors must have the impact to captivate the eyes and awaken the brain. Here is what some colors are known to do: Green - nature, Red - excitment, Yellow - optimism, Black - authority, White - purity and Blue, serenity. Put your visitors in the mood you want!

T: TAKE ADVANTAGE OF TECHNOLOGY - Use all of the technological tools you can to interact with the visitors before, during and even after the show. Entice them with media options such as websites, e-mail blasts, web links, downloads, or even try multiple working presentations during the show too. These are all fairly inexpensive and easy to do. Tell them when, where and most importantly why they should see your company at the show.

Try to implement just one of these (or more) at your next show to see if you'll ATTRACT more visitors to your booth.

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