Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our 7 Positive Ways To Help You Welcome 2009 Change

1. Fact: change is unknown. Fact: change is uncontrollable. It can not be predetermined but it can be dealt with a willing heart. Embrace the unknown change that may lie ahead.

2. Join forces with your world – past, present and future. Hand-in-hand you are your world are one. Embrace your whole world. It is not flawless but it is yours – you own it.

3. Expect all change, the good the bad and the ugly. Change is your friend in whatever form it arrives in. It’s inevitable that change is going to happen but it’s how you react to it that depicts the outcome.

4. Receive change openly, try not to fight change. Be still, be quiet, concentrate that is when peace and truth finds you. Listen to your inner voice. Stop to listen and hear.

5. Present positive change. What makes you joyous, what makes you jump with unending joy? Go to it, seek it out and go with it.

6. Create a realistic plan for you and your goals. Organize, communicate, work, focus and embrace the plan.

7. Commit and commit hard.

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